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BTWN draws on the kinetic energy of Sydney's urban spirit to create a metropolitan mashup of texture, taste, and theatre. Situated on Level Three of W Sydney, BTWN serves up a dynamic panorama of views across Darling Harbour to form an ever-changing backdrop to your dining journey. 

Interiors connect seamlessly with the urban landscape; from airstream food truck-inspired pods, and columns emblazoned with vibrant aerosol art by Sydney-based mural artist Sophi Odling, to ribbon lighting evoking slow exposure light trails from the city's sweeping expressway. As day turns to dusk, the energy rises in BTWN as each culinary experience comes alive in the heart of Darling Harbour. 

At the helm of BTWN, Head Chef - Chris Dodd brings his unwavering passion for environmentally conscious and elevated dining to BTWN, honed after years at some of Australia's most well-respected restaurants. His contemporary Australian menu is designed with a spotlight on local produce and encourages sharing among friends, with dishes that craft a narrative celebrating the rich flavours of NSW. 

  •  Bar at BTWN

    BEAN 2 BAR

    For a morning coffee fix or light café bite to go, step into Bean 2 Bar at BTWN.

    As the evening unfolds this space is decadently transformed into 2am: dessertbar by Janice Wong. 



    Celebrating native ingredients with a meticulously designed drinks list, BTWN Cocktail Bar delivers zeal and zest to any social soiree.